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The House of Rahbet


The House of Rahbet was a once powerful household in the history of the Wetlands, much like the Kennedys of American history. Headed by Slyddur K. Rahbet, the members of the House of Rahbet were known for their hedonistic tendencies and their deep desire to always find "a good time". Eventually, the household exploded, flinging its members far and near.

Slyddur K. Rahbet's Children

Harlan Q. Rahbet - son
Zephyr Rahbet - son
Hu Rahbet - son
Dyanna Rahbet - daughter
Idyllia Rahbet - daughter
Bloodlust Rahbet - daughter

Slyddur's Siblings
Cluhrgy - brother/uncle
Bhleaux - sister
Kittah - sister
Bits - sister