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an Interkingdom Event

What is it?

An annual Tourney that tests the best of the best in Arts and Sciences as well as War skills. Hosting of Olympiad rotates among all the Kingdoms. The winner of the War skills is called the War Olympian, the winner of the Arts and Sciences tourney is called the Cultural Olympian, and the overall winner is the Grand Olympian

Records of Past Olympiads

Year Grand Olympian Cultural Olympian War Olympian Host Kingdom Organizer Results
2019: Olympiad XXIX Testocles (TD) Toya (CG) Bel (WE) Winter's Edge, Symposium Fiddles, Valkyrie, Brett,Vashiren, Petra, Puddin
2018: Olympiad XXVIII Peter the Quick Nyrine Peter the Quick Polaris, MAME NFTY, MHoG, Queball
2017: Olympiad XXVII Brennon Viridian Revell Armstrong Brennon Viridian Rivermoor, Known World War [[Valorimar], Fionna, Petra
2016: Olympiad XXVI Deimos Jocelyn Achard Tie Eggman & Monkey Westmarch, Feast of Mars Kat Bloodrayne, Petra, Etah
2015: Olympiad XXV Clalibus Jocelyn Achard Lee Tal Dagore&Rising Winds, Keep on the Borderlands Kat Bloodrayne, Petra, Scifee, Sirien
2014: Olympiad XXIV Eleniel Riken Potato Crystal Groves, Feast of Fools Siobhan
2013: Olympiad XXIII Clalibus Clalibus Termus Emerald Hills, Banner Wars Brennon Viridian
2012: Olympiad XXII No Participant Aurora Selene JLee Wetlands
2011: Olympiad XXI Donnie Darko Sirien Brennon Viridian Neverwinter, Defrost
2010: Olympiad XX Lanky Sirien Lanky Goldenvale Liz
2009: Olympiad XIX GoldCrest Tie GoldCrest & Casca Atog Pegasus Valley, Dragonspine Lila von Weiss
2008: Olympiad XVIII Margul GoldCrest Tar'get Emerald Hills
2007: Olympiad XVII Keluric Keluric Atog Burning Lands, Clan
2006: Olympiad XVI Clalibus Reynen Spynthrift Wetlands
2005: Olympiad XV Leif Totem Kyan Leif Rising Winds
2004: Olympiad XIV Closest was Lily Sumac Siobhan Uaine-Dragon Lief & Spinthrift Goldenvale
2003: Olympiad XIII Zachry Ironwolf Zachry Ironwolf Leif Iron Mountains
2002: Olympiad XII Michael Hammer of God Ailanthus Thor Tandræbe Dragonspine
2001 Olympiad XI Thaddigren Aristiri Leif Mystic Seas
2000: None
1999: Olympiad X Kayrana Lissa Kayrana Lissa Tunear Emerald Hills
1998: Olympiad IX Forest Shaylen Spynthrift Wetlands
1997: Olympiad VIII Raphael Gwynne Raphael Dragonspine
1996: Olympiad VII Kane Gwynne Brennen Iron Mountains
1995: Olympiad VI Forest Nightlynx Forest Celestial Kingdom
1994: Olympiad V Vera Mamabear Vera Mamabear Argon Burning Lands
1993: Olympiad IV Zephram Ivar Tie Gilos & M'Deth Burning Lands
1992: None
1991: Olympiad III Aramithris Tawnee Aramithris Burning Lands
1990: Olympiad II Aramithris Tawnee M'Deth Burning Lands
1989: Olympiad I Joella Tawnee M'Deth Burning Lands