Kraken Horde

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The Kraken Horde Fighting Company


"Mors Infero" - Death from below

The Kraken Horde are a fighting company based in the Wetlands with members also in MO, and stationed abroad.

The Kraken Horde are more than just a fighting company, they are leaders. You will be hard-pressed to find a time when a member is not holding an Amtgard office on some level.

The close-knit group also regard each other as brothers, and act as such outside the realm of Amtgard. You can find them together partying, and vacationing just as much, if not more than in Amtgard.

As the members are so close, they tend to be harder on each other than most. You will often find them beating one another to congratulate them for an award or accomplishment. They have been seen fighting each other with unpadded Amtgard weapons while even nursing self-inflicted injuries such as broken bones.



Early in the new millennia, Slyddur K. Rahbet, discovered that the durability of the company that he was then Captain of White Tiger Company could no longer withstand the rigors of his leadership.

Leaving the diminishing company, Slyddur discovered that a former WTC bro, Dr. Rolin Silas Phlogiston, Esq, had returned from wandering the desolate regions of Domestica. Neither of the two wishing to join a company that was already full of problems, they decided to create their own; company, not problems.

The icon of the Kraken was reborn from the first company Slyddur was a member of, the Kraken Company. Although, this new company still used the same colors and device as the Kraken Company of old, it was to be fundamentally different.

This would be a company of brilliant savagery, nefarious philanthropy, structured hooliganism, and gleaming tom-foolery. This new group was to be a cadre of leaders trained to use effective tactics, in battle or socially, where ever they applied. This new company was to be The Kraken Horde.