Gale StrongHammer

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Baron Gale StrongHammer, of the Duchy of Crimson Wood, GMR of Westmarch


"Gale may well be a female reincarnation of Stone. Or possibly his future liver donor." -Miles Ookami

"Is one of your ovaries a testicle?" - Bill the Nun

"You attacked her on purpose?" - Thor

"You're like, the biggest flurb at our park. But you wear that like a badge." -Xiaho

"She's a stone-cold bitch!"-Kale "Nah, she's cut-throat. There's a difference." -Kaminosai


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Gale's Heraldry
Home Park Crimson Wood
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 2010
Noble Title Baron
Belt Status


Gale joined Crimson Wood in September of 2010, bringing with her a surprisingly cheerful and go-getter demeanor that reflected all the enthusiasm we love to see in new players, hand-in-hand with a refreshing willingness to learn and practice. She has since become one of the up-and-coming young fighters of Crimson Wood, making excellent progress in things involving a short sword--with or without a piece of plank foam in the other hand.
It may or may not have anything to do with Stone that Gale has also embraced the roleplaying vigor that flurbs love to see from Barbarians (even if it might make them quail in their boots a bit). Gale's Berserk yell is unmistakable and reflects her zeal for play.
As of late, StrongHammer has taken to playing all different sorts of monsters. Her favorites tend to be Brownies, Will'o'Wisps, and all manner of bats. Whether it's on the ditch field, battle game, or court, she is rarely without her duel daggers.

Gale StrongHammer is a traveler. She came from humble and cold origins: a small fishing town in the Nordic North. A mix-up with a wizard (or was it a bard?) landed Gale in the far off lands of Mongolia. Eager to survive in a foreign land, Gale took any opportunity she could for survival, often resulting in conflicting loyalties and impossible decisions. One too many betrayals and failed alliances left Gale under a mage's curse.
Seeking a better and less bloody life, Gale traveled south to the lands of Amtgardia. There she met many different adventurers and even a few mentors. Her new home suited Gale much better and she was even awarded titles by the monarch. Gale has started to learn mystic arts, wielding healing magics as easily as a sword. But Amtgardia is not a utopia, and monsters still roam many of the lands. Gale's curse calls to them, leading to monstrous encounters and an ever blurring line between the woman and beast.
Gale did not leave all of her bloody past behind her in the great plains. Indeed there have been many a foul rumor of her growing web of alliances and betrayals. Gale wields her loyalties like any other weapon. She is a fierce ally and an unsuspecting enemy. It's nearly impossible to tell which, until the blade pierces your back.

Affiliated Groups

The Head of the Hammer Clan

Member of the Tribe of the Wild Blood

Belted Family

Baron Gale StrongHammer

Notable Accomplishments

Elected PM of Crimson Wood, March 2012 (served three reigns)

Elected PM of Westmarch, August 2014

Elected Regent of Westmarch, May 2015

Elected GMR of Westmarch,

Elected Regent of Crimson Wood, May 2017

Elected Champion of Crimson Wood, November 2017

Got off Mass Sleep at the event Darkshore once.

Has too much garb to fit into one duffle bag.

Paragon Monster awarded Halloween 2015.

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