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Sir TarKhan Kane, Duke of Mordengaard

  • "The simplicity of your game amuses me. Bring me your finest meats and cheeses."
  • "Nope. I find that pineapple to be intimidating." - Casca




"Kane is the toughest guy in Texas" - Grendel

Kane began playing Amtgard in 1994 at Mordengaard, in College Station, TX. He was introduced to Amtgard by Ikan Killmany (then a coworker), and made fast friends with the group. Soon most of his nights were spent sparring with Killmany, Voltar Ironwolf, and Backstab(Kilmany's page). It was during this time that he would also sit on Draegon Helstaven's living room floor with his good friend Thistle and listen to him speak of the dream that is Amtgard in the Wetlands.

Kane's first taste of Amtgard events was the Wetlands 'Feast of the Mudbugs' and Spring War IV. This helped seal the addiction to Amtgard. Kane soon started looking for any excuse to attend any local event and any event in the Emerald Hills, and in the Celestial Kingdom. To this day, he still regularly attends events in the three kingdoms.

For a couple of years, his job's travel requirements kept him away from playing in the Wetlands. This was seen as an opportunity to meet Amtgarders and play at parks he would not have had been able to before. Kane had had the honor of travelling as far north as Starmount in the Iron Mountains, east as Shining South in Neverwinter, and west as Aradix of the Crystalline Confederacy and been able to see how similar the dream of Amtgard is no matter where you are.

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Inactive squires include Ant and Backstab.

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