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Sir Cabal, of Eagleshire Emerald Hills.

”Hey Bro!”

Cabal at Spring War IV, pic by Squeak!


So this guy wanders over to the gate, and chats up the gate guard nonchalantly. He's wearing a T-shirt and jeans, and is really laid-back. All of a sudden, he completely interrupts his conversation and turns towards me brightly and offers his hand, "Hi! I'm Dave." Introductions are made, he asks if I'm having fun, then finishes his chat and takes back off into the darkness.

The next night I see "Dave" sitting on the throne being referred to as King Cabal. Since that day, I've always aspired to be more like Dave. -Brigade

Originally of the Emerald Hills, Sir Cabal has spent loads of time contributing to both EH and the Wetlands in the past 2 decades. He started playing at Iron Cloud and quickly became a firgurehead of the Emerald Hills. Later Cabal continued his work as a resident of the Wetlands for most of the 90's, but has since moved back to the Emerald Hills. Known mostly for his contributions to the Bardic both in competitions and at the campfire.

Affiliated Groups

Founder of the Nighthawks
Houshold: La Cosa Nostra

Belted Family

Current Squires
1. Squire White Tiger
2. Squire Rolin S. Phlogiston

Former Squires - Sir Boots, Sir Infinity, Sir Slyddur, and Sir Katahztrofi

1. Sir Boots - Sword, Serpent, Crown, Flame

2. Sir Infinity - Sword

3.Sir Slyddur Rahbet- Flame, Crown

4. Sir Katahztrofi Blackheart- Knight of the Crown

Notable Accomplishments

Knight of the Serpent (1992) and Knight of the Crown (1995)of the Emerald Hills.

Additional Images

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More Information

  • Personal Website
  • Company Website

Seen here between Warblade and Katahztrofi at their wedding.

From left to right; Shef, Warblade, Cabal, Katahztrofi,Kane, Slyddur, Boots, Ashe, Page SKIT, Antininus, Axgar, Wran Wrap


More of Cabal's Beltline

Back: Squire Ant, Squire White Tiger, Sir Slyddur, Squire Katahztrofi, Sir Warblade

Middle: Squire Maeve, Sir Kane

Front: Squire Wran Wrap, Squire Brigade


Squire Katahztrofi, Sir Infinity,Sir Slyddur, Squire Backstab, Sir Kane, Sir Boots, Sir Warblade, Squire Tiger, Squire Stormie

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