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Reyals, of Eagleshire Emerald Hills


He began participating in Amtgard in 1993 in Coppell and Irving, then migrated to Eagleshire in 1995. In 1997, he moved to the Golden Plains for six months. After returning to the Emerald Hills in 1998, he decided to quit Amtgard.

In 2007, at the encouragement of both Sir Shefanhow and Sir Taldak, he decided to return to participating in Amtgard. At World Banner Wars 8, many old friends (both Amtgardian and mundane that had joined Amtgard in the interim) expressed warm regards for his return, but everyone referred to him by his mundane nickname. It was then that he decided to officially change his Amtgard persona to Brigade.

Affiliated Groups

Household: House of the Mad Fool.

Belted Family

Former Man at Arms to Sir Forest

Man at Arms to Squire Morgan of the Golden Plains

Notable Accomplishments

During Reign 18 Coronation, Reyals and Bacchus (both stepping up as Duke of their respective parks, Eagleshire and Midnight Sun) got into a friendly disagreement about the quality of the fighters at their respective parks. It was decided then that they would go to war at a neutral site, Shadow Haven, shortly before Spring War. At the request of Ayatolla Dog, this was retermed as Duchy Manuevers, which Eagleshire won.

Assisted in founding Shadow Haven, in Coppell, Texas.

Positions Held

Royal Guardsmen to Sir Forest - June 1996 - December 1996 (And the only one that escaped execution at the end of his term)
Duke - Duchy of Eagleshire, December '96 - June '97
Regent's Defender to Sir Shefanhow - December, 1998

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