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Countess Dame Miss Kittah Rahbet, of Granite Spyre, Kingdom of the Wetlands

"There's no sleeping in softball."


Miss Kittah has been a part of the Wetlands since 2001 and has been known to frequent the camps of Kraken Horde as a FOKker and Rogue Company as an ex-member, yet still close ally, of the elite. Miss Kittah and Arch-Duke Sir Thalen Tannon began the Sentinels fighting company in 2010.

Kittah was elevated to the peerage as Knight of the Flame in August 2013.


Miss Kittah has an outstanding alcohol tolerance and is usually happy to share. Usually.

"She's like candy-coated rebar. Sweet and pretty on the outside with an rusty, rigid core." -spearweasel

Affiliated Groups

  • Lieutenant (And Dark Overlord) of the Sentinels


  • Matriarch of the Tannon Family
  • Sister of House Rahbet
  • Founder of House Giant
  • FOKker
  • Member of the Acme Singing Company
  • Member of The Party Girls
  • Former Member of Rogue Company

Belted Family

Prior to her elevation, Kittah was squired to several knights. They were:

Notable Accomplishments

  • Assisted in the creation of 'Petrolene', a Kraken Horde Adult Beverage
  • Shire Regent, Province of Granite Spyre - May 2009 - March 2010
  • Declared a Hero of the Wetlands by King Kane, Dec. 2009
  • Regent of the Wetlands Reign XXX, Dec. 2010 - Jun. 2011
  • Awarded the title of Countess by King Thalen, at Wetlands End Reign XXX
  • Awarded the title of DragonMaster by Princess Mouse, at Wetlands Mid Reign XXXI
  • BOD, Secretary (Dec 2010-Dec 2012)
  • Baroness of Granite Spyre, (Winter 2011/Spring 2012)
  • Awarded the title of Master Rose by ArchDruid Corwin, at Wetlands EndReign XXXII
  • Awarded the title of DragonMaster by High Priestess Samara, at Wetlands Mid Reign XXXIV
  • Appointed Headmistress of Granite Spyre University - Term I
  • Awarded the title of Master Dragon by Grand Duke Sir Zachry Ironwolf, at Wetlands Coronation Reign XXXV


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