Spring War

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Spring War XXVII 2020: Mardi Gras [1]

Camp Lonestar
2016 Camp Lone Star Rd
La Grange, Texas

Annual Interkingdom event held by the Celestial Kingdom, usually in spring but sometimes in late winter. It is one of the best attended event in all of Amtgard, sporting an average at the time of this writing of 300 players.

"Ready to pound foam,
Warriors drawn to fields in March
Achieve completeness."


The first Spring War wasn't even called that. It was merely a coronation event for King Hulka Dunglen of the Celestial Kingdom where King M'Deth of the Burning Lands and (outgoing) King Michael Hammer of God of the CK agreed to hold a massive war. The Role Playing pretext for this war was that King Michael was oppressing his potato farmers. The CK brought all her people and the Burning Lands brought not only a large contingent of fighters from their own park(s) but many allies from all over Texas. This massive influx of fighters made the 'Potato War' the biggest event in Central Texas to that point. The Sunday when that event ended, Michael and the other leaders of the CK began to plan to make it an Annual tradition.

Upcoming Spring War

Spring War XXVII 2019: Mardi Gras; https://www.facebook.com/events/412836136032011/]