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Grand Duke Sir Warblade, of the Burning Lands

"He's that sword knight.. from Golden Plains. Kinda sounds like Boomhauer when you REALLY get him going." -Jynx

Overall nice guy though.


Currently resides in the Shire of Golden Plains under the Burning Lands.

Affiliated groups

Company: Nighthawks
Household: La Cosa Nostra

Notable Accomplishments

Belted Line

Formerly Squired to Boots

Current Squires - Squire Wran Wrap, Squire Brigade, Squire Shippo

Former Squires - Sir Shefanhow

Raban Ethindale Harkonnen was once his squire but dropped his belt, to take a ck knights belt

Notable Achivements

...Ummm, he has a lot of hair? gorgeous son!

More pics

Armor made by Sir Shef

From bottom to top, Warblade, Adam Ant, and making his 'O' face, Forest Evergreen.