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Lord Squire Sinew "The Hot Biscuit" End'Oh a.k.a Grape Ape, of Granite Spyre, Wetlands

”I'll whip out my judgement at the dinner table if I damn well please.”
"He went to JARED!!!"
"Can I asssssssssk you a quesshhhtionnnnnn?"

Sinew,April 2012
Sinew "The Hot Biscuit" with his crew, Lisael and Dame Covina.

Squire Sinew.jpg


There is but one word needed... FABULOUS!(But, if you need more words...)

Sinew "The Hot Biscuit" End'Oh began playing Amtgard on October 23, 2011 at Paragon's Cross. From there, he assisted in organizing the group and served as the first official sheriff for that park. He played for roughly a year in Granite Spyre between August 2012-2013, where he cemented heavy ties with the Wetlands. Sinew served as 48th Regent of the Celestial Kingdom but has since returned to Granite Spyre. Sinew is an Amazons Retainer to Squire Dru-Kara as of Clan 2014.

Once explained to a newbie at a Wetlands Coronation in June, who wanted to know "What a Sinew was"...

"Sinew is literally the most loyal, fabulous, wonderful kind friend you will ever have. He will always be in your corner, and will be cheering the loudest out of everyone.

He will absolutely ROCK anything and everything glittery, pink, purple, or black. If it has all of those colors, you will automatically become friends. If it has all of the colors, and is also eyeliner, He will love you forever.

In short, Sinew is amazing. A prancing, skipping, singing, lovely man who I thoroughly enjoy being friends with." - Lady Squire Dahlia Aed End'Oh Wyngarde of Bloodwyrm Haven

"Whenever I find myself in need of a hunt, whether that hunt be of the hunter or the hunted, I can't think of any hunt worth hunting more than the hunt with the hunting companion Sinew. Hunting hunts in the hunt of the hunting moment with Sinew is a hunt worth hunting."-Hunter Huntington of the Hunt, Hunter of the Hunt

"With a list of positive attributes as long as his thin, willow-y limbs, Sinew is a boon to any kingdom he visits."-Sweet Chunk

"Once gave me spicy was a great way to wake up in the morning."-Gath Augustine, Disciple of Neptune

"Sinew could rock a potato sack." - Squire Dru-Kara of House Amazon

"I will protest if the word Fabulous is used any less than 5 times."-Squire Apex Darksoul

Affiliated Groups

Captain and founder of Leviathan (Company)
Acolyte in the Church of the Apocalypse - Household
Lord and Founder of House End'Oh - Household
Retainer of the Amazons under Squire Dru-Kara - Household
Sailor Pluto of the Sailor Senshi

Belted Family

Sinew and Slyddur.
MaA Sinew and Sir Slyddur taking #Selfies.

Notable Accomplishments

Positions Held

Sinew playing with his udders.

Sinew accepting awards in the Wetlands with the help of his 'Man-tourage'.

LordSinew(left) and Mistress Dru-Kara (Right).