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Aradix, Barony

A defunct Barony of Burning Lands, located in Panorama City, Ca.




Founded 5-8-94 under the Celestial Kingdom, 11-13-94 to Barony, founded Crystalline Confederacy w/ Rogues Haven under BL 7-13-97. As of May 2007 Aradix sparingly plays Amtgard while attempting to create a new game they claim is easier than 7.0.

First, 7.0 isn't Amtgard. It's a sick parody of Amtgard. Archers should not dress like the school safety patrol, and common Warriors should never have to wear Purple (or never GET to wear purple, if you're of the Royal persuasion).

Second, we do use 7th 'ed when we have enough people to warrant a full class game. Take away the character classes, and there's no difference worth a rules revision.

And yes, I have written, and do intend to promote, a non-Amtgard foam-based fighting game. BATLSMAK is just getting started. But just as driving a car doesn't prevent you from riding a bicycle, my projects don't mean that Aradix doesn't play Amtgard.


Known to be active February 2008.


Contacts and Directions

Location - off the I-405, exit Victory.

  • Head west on Victory, turn Left on Woodley Ave., then enter the driveway for the Golf course, on the Right. Follow the driveway past the Golf Course parking - we are on the North side of the Lake.

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