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Baronet Man-At-Arms Foscatalli Aldente D'Fettuccine Alfredo, of Granite Spyre, Wetlands

*screams in terror at a monk*



Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Paged to Lisael Darkmorn

Sir Michael Hammer of God (Crown 1991), (Sword 1992), (Flame 1995), (Serpent 2003)

I:Sir Chado (Sword)

II:Squire Rhys
III:Squire Vlar

V:Sir Fnord (Crown)(Sword) (Flame)

VI:Squire Peregrine
VII:Squire Hayden
VIII:Squire Maldread
IX:Sir Jabberwock (Sword)

X:Squire Kain-IM
XI:Sir Magnus Heartseeker (Flame)

XII:Ser Agustus (Crown) (Sword)

XIII: Sir Deathlilly Megatron Sunshine (Sword, 2020) (Battle, 2021)

XIV: Squire Nike Laurier
XV: Squire Merric

Notable Accomplishments

Additional Images

2nPTBbc.jpg Harold Thundervoice and his bard apprentices

QBCfd7z.jpg Dr. Foscatallistein

kPtTM5i.jpg Foscatalli on the defensive

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