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Squire Sunshine (Not the)"Lord of Burgmont" of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains

”Just keep that smile shinning”

Sunshine performing the classic Darkside attack. 'My favorite photo! Good bye Highcross!'-Sept. 18'


Sunshine was introduced to Amtgard in 2014 at the Duchy of the Iron Mountains in Denver, CO by Lord Squire Kota Bloodmoore. Given his name by Countess Squire Recluse Quarters, and Arciduca Dr Casca Eruoy after being told 'If you don't pick a name one will be appointed to you', he has tried to hold fast to the impression (the second name given) gives. Thru the disgrace of terrible mispronunciation, he was both given and stripped of his Lordship of Burgmont. After a short hiatus to attend to medical needs, he made a triumphant return, stronger than before. Let's say cybernetic implants... technically correct.”beep boop” First made Man at Arms then Squire to Grand Duke Sir,Doctor,Sir, Warlord and Evil Overlord, Agustus he continues to develop his skills and ride along side Recluse to more fun and good times with all of Amtgard.

Affiliated Groups

House Ruckus (Leaf)

Aurum (Aspirant)

Knighted Family

Sir Michael Hammer of God
XII:Ser Agustus (Crown) (Sword)

Notable Accomplishments

Champion of the Iron Mountains Summer 2016

Prime minister of the Iron Mountains Summer 2017

Monarch of the Iron Mountains Winter/Spring 2024

Additional Images

His Heraldry, made January 2024, includes all rankings and awards hidden throughout
'Always fight with a smile' -Sunshine. Shown fighting Kurai-Oct 23'

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