Dahlia Shutterhawk

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Dahlia Shutterhawk
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Current Park Crimson Circle
Kingdom Polaris
Year Started 2019
Company Norse Star
Noble Title Baronetex
Belt Status Page to Squire Cena
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Baronetex Page Dahlia Shutterhawk of Crimson Circle, in the Kingdom of Polaris


Dahlia joined Amtgard briefly in September 2019 and then took a personal hiatus until February of 2020. They proceeded to get absolutely hooked and even took home that winter’s Dragon Master just in time for a global pandemic to force everyone online. Throughout the plague times their love for the game only grew and they decided they wanted to serve the game they love and ran for Prime Minister of Crimson Circle once the park started meeting in person again.

After a lot of serious thought, and a few late night panic attacks, they decided the Crown path was the road they wanted to go down. So in that vein, with a lot of help from Edgelord M’Guffin, they asked Duke Sir Akyo to become part of his belt line. Sir Akyo accepted and through some confusion, teasing, and a lot of Dahlia trying not to put their foot in their mouth, they became a page to Viscount Squire Cena Midoriya, Esq.

As of writing their page duties have been ordering pizza twice, and keeping this page updated, which they are doing right now.

Affiliated Groups

Terms of Service

Notable Accomplishments

Service as a 'Crat

  • Jr Trash-o-Crat for GAC 2022
  • Co Autocrat for Polaricon 2022
  • Trash and Hydro-o-Crat for MAME 2023
  • Trash and Hydro-o-Crat for GAC 2023
  • Jr Autocrat for Autumn Battlegrounds 2023
  • Site-o-Crat for Polaricon 2023

Belted Family

XII:Ser Agustus (Crown) (Sword)

More Information

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