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Vitalen Fargale
Current Park Frostlands
Kingdom Polaris
Year Started 2007
Company Academy Cold War, Justicars
Noble Title Baron
Belt Status Squire to Sir Magnus Heartseeker

Baron Squire Vitalen Fargale, Paragon Wizard of the Frostlands, in the Kingdom of Polaris

”The rulebook is all, all is the rulebook”

”To clarify, Vitalen has not received an Order of the Zodiac. Vitalen's hair has received an Order of the Zodiac

”Don't fall for his tricks, he doesn't know how to play Othello” - Vitalen as an NPC, Keep 2021

”V7 wasnt a good system, it was a fun system. V7 made for better stories, V8 makes for better games.”

”If Sanctuary were a person, id be asking my monarchy to place it under CoC 6.”


Started playing "backyard Amtgard" in July of 2007 for about two weeks until the first visit to an actual park day. Played as a wizard despite everyone's advice not to start as a magic caster. Had no interest in ditch games for about 4 years and would always shout "CLASS BATTLE" at the top of his lungs when there was planned to be one.

Roleplay Information

Cursed to house the soul of the ancient evil necromancer Raq'oul Verinath

  • Holds unknown wealth in the Barony of Frostlands
  • Sent to a magic academy early in life. Graduated without any noteworthy honors. Found employment after graduation by joining a band of mercenaries.
  • Holds animosity against the faction of druids that inhabit the Greystoke Forest due to their propensity to create antimagic regions.

Affiliated Groups

Terms of Service

Notable Accomplishments

  • Baron - Awarded by King Les in 2021 at GAC
  • Master Wizard - Awarded by Broton, 2015
  • Lord - Awarded by Queball, 2014
  • Guild Master of Reeves for the Kingdom of Polaris, Multiple
  • Weaponmaster of the Frostlands - Summer 2016
  • Has never qualified for a single office held.
  • Has had fanart drawn of him

Belted Family

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