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Skippy, of Tori-Mar Celestial Kingdom



Current Park BTG
Kingdom CK
Year Started 1992
Company The Chosen

The Marine who cannot swim. Recently married to a lovely Italian woman in San Diego. Much of the Wardancers question\answer process derives from Skippy speak.

You can also read Skippy's list of things he cannot do, now considered to be a ”The definitive guide to subversive army humor” Skippy List. Our Skippy didn't write this but you can still hear him echoing in it. The Skippy that wrote that list has met your Skippy during the CK/Emerald hills war in 1995.

Affiliated Groups

An inactive member of the Chosen. Former member of the Wardancers and the Saracens.

Belted Family

Squire to Rook who was Squire to Cha'do who was Squire to Sir Michael Hammer of God.

Notable Accomplishments

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