Owen Glendwagon

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Equus Baron Owen Glendwagon, of Darkmoon, Kingdom of the Iron Mountains


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Owen Glendwagon, started his career in the Kingdom of Dragonspine in the Shire of Clouds Edge in 2005. Then relocated to Darkmoon in the Empire of the Iron Mountains in 2012.

Owen was honored with his Paragon Healer in the Spring of 2022. He specializes in combat Healer and holding the power of life and death over others.

Owen was awarded his Master Rose in the Fall of 2022.

Owen was elevated in front of his peers, belted family, and members of the Iron Mountains to Knight of the Flame in Spring 2023.

Affiliated Groups

Angry Sky (inactive)
The Midnight Gypsies (inactive)

Belted Family

Squire to Sir Agustus in June of 2018.

XII:Ser Agustus (Crown) (Sword)

Notable Accomplishments

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