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Daggrak Scalebreaker
Current Park Crimson Circle
Kingdom Polaris
Year Started 2013
Company Justicars

Drottin (lord) Squire Daggrak Scalebreaker, Voice of the Crown of Crimson Circle, in the Kingdom of Polaris


  • Daggrak Scalebreaker started the game in 2013 at the park of Frostlands, back when it was still considered in the Kingdom of the Rising winds. After a move away from the area he took a break from the game until 2017 when he moved down to Eagleshire in the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills. In this time Dag learned a lot about leadership from a few local crown knights. After 4 years in Texas Dag came home to the Kingdom of Polaris where he played at Crimson Circle and stepped into the position of Champion, before taking on a position as Kingdom Regent.

Notable Quotes

Ok... Listen.

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Tournament Wins

  • Chapter Level
    • Coming Soon
  • Kingdom Level
    • Took 3rd place in the 5 and Under portion of the Polaris Eastern Tournament - November 12th, 2023

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