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Baronet Syr Wolfen du Chevalier.

Im not Kardore.



Currently the first Commissar of Winters Edge, Wolfen has played up and down the east coast. One of the co-founders of Blackrock Hills WV in 1998 after a couple friends told him about the game, and thought it would be a good idea for his Senior prodject. He served as Shire Champion and Baronial Champion before moving to Eagle Valley PA, serving as Sheriff and Champion. After a breif move back to BRH, he once again moved to GV proper and sat on the B.o.D and became Kingdom Champion. Yet again he moved (notice a trend here?) back to Eagle Valley, and helped elevate it to Barony status, and served terms as Sheriff, Champion, and Baron.

Once more he moved ( don't think hobo's move this much) back to WV, and helped formed Greenwater Valley serving as Prime Minister, till the time of Winters Edge crown elections took place and ran for Prince.

Wolfen always has a story to tell, and if ever traveled to NW events he is always mistaken for his twin Sir Kardore.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Prince of Winters Edge April 2009

GV Weaponmaster 2004

I did stuff

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