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Lady Ritter Renjara "Emay" DarkBlade, Keeper of the Pass of Hero's Pass, Celestial Kingdom

Suddenly all of my ancestors are behind me. "Be Still," they say. "You are the result of the love of thousands."
"Honor bespeaks worth. Confidence begets trust. Cooperation proves the quality of leadership."-James Cash Penney


Renjara calls Kaembryge her home as she started there in 2011. It is important here to note that she considers the denizens of Kaembryge who helped her get started to be her family and is loyal to them to a fault.

As there is no Amtgard near her bio family's home in northern Michigan, she went inactive for most of 2012. She visited a few CK events in early 2013 from Pasadena before reappearing in Nov 2013 at Traitor's Gate. There, she was immediately placed into the role of Shire Clerk with a succession of inactive sheriffs, leaving her more or less in charge of the park for a reign before she actually stepped up as Sheriff and then Baroness over the next year, ending in May 2015. She also served for one term as CK BoD Treasurer.

In September 2016, she began traveling to Slaughter Creek regularly and switched her credits there upon finally moving to Austin. Shortly thereafter, Nocturnis was restarted and she went there to help then rebuild. She took a step into Kingdom politics by becoming CK Prime Minister in 2017, a mistake she doesn't plan to repeat. She was the admin of the Celestial Kingdom website and this Wiki until incidents regarding the death of Selric showed her the true nature of the mob.

The highest honor Renjara will ever receive is being knighted along with her squire brother, Distan by their knight, Gekko and grandknight, Aurora. Being part of their awesome family means everything to her. As such, she has began to attend Hero's Pass to spend time with her belted family.


Renjara was born on a ship in the north Atlantic, the same ship where she spent nearly all of her early years. Her father was taken in a Viking raid from his home in Hamburg, Germany. His viking crew hailed mostly from the Vik. Renjara grew up learning to heal at sea and rescued the sailors from almost certain death. Her mother, whom hailed from Gothenburg, Sweden, passed away from scurvy and she was made the ship's only attendant at a young age.

A few years later, she and her crew found themselves set upon by pirates. Another merchant ship captained by Khazmylar Hotaru came to their rescue, taking many injuries. In gratitude, she traveled with Captain Hotaru for many years and nearly married him. She grew tired of life on the ship and could hear the trees calling to her whenever they would near land. Eventually, Captain Hotaru docked in Alexandria, Egypt for a leave period. Slipping into the mariut lake, she lost all track of time. When the call went out that the ship was leaving, she was not to be found and was therefore left behind.

She had very little to her name but soon found herself saved from a group of rabble by Gekko who soon became her adoptive father. She now tends to stay under the trees near the Nile but clings to a simple natural faith, as represented by the triskelion.

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House DarkBlade

Belted Family

Renjara Beltline.jpg
Squire Renjara (Left) with her Knight, Gekko (right) and Grandknight, Aurora (center)

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