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A coronation is an event at which the incoming monarchy is crowned and begin their reign. Traditionally, it is celebrated with a feast and court. In larger groups, and at the Kingdom level, it usually occurs at a weekend-long End Reign. Coronations are held every 6 months, the standard term of office in Amtgard. The proper dates for the event are often described in the kingdom Corpora, if the monarch is the equivalent of a King, or the Prince of a principality.

In Amtgard

The ceremony of a coronation is universal among different chapters, though local traditions are common. At many coronations, there is a battlegame tied to the the changing of the office. There is also commonly a tourney of sorts, whether it be a competition A&S or Warskills.There is usually a meal in the form of a feast. The can be served before, during, or after court.

Court before a coronation begins with the outgoing Monarch giving out the final awards for their reign; especially masterhoods, titles, and knighthoods, if the monarch is of kingdom-level. Monarchs will then dismiss their court, which includes their Champion, Scribe, Herald Captain of the Guard, the Royal Guard, their Champion, and their Regent. If the Regent has any staff, like a Regent's Defender or any guard of their own, then the Regent should dismiss them personally. The monarch will usually thank the PM for their service, who remains in office for another three months. It is typically responsibility of the prime minister unseat the old monarch, and to crown the incoming monarch. The new monarch in turn gives authority and the symbols of office to his or her court.

Following the coronation, there is often an after party, where people hang out and relax after the day's events.