Nocon Fidence

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Nocon began his larping experience back in late 2008. He was one of the founding members of Wickerwood back in 2012 when it was created. He was part of the origianal park prior to Wickerwood which was Wickervale and HFS Silverspire and Ravenwood.

It is uncertain if he was one of the founding members of the fighting company of The Weslonian Brotherhood but what is certain is that he in fact is in the treacherous mercenary fighting company.

While he does many other aliases such as Elden Seer, _______, and _____ the one that he goes by currently is known as Nocon Fidence.

Nocon originated from the badlands as a mere Peasant and as part of The Weslonian Brotherhood they have come to the contract of Wickerwood, to help them defend the lands from rats and spiders. While in the lands of Wickerwood his skills have increased tremendously as a caster, he has become if not the best, one of the best Wizards under Wickerwood's contract. Although he can be found from time to time zapping rats screaming Peasant at them. He may have lost a screw or two up there.


The Weslonian Brotherhood

Favored Class


Favored Weapons

Sword and Shield

Favored Fighting Style



Esteban The Great (Brother-in-arms)

Affiliated Groups

The Weslonian Brotherhood

The Celestial Kingdom


Most Trusted Comrades

Esteban The Great

Favored Battle Companion

Esteban The Great