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1: Back-up singer for a Baron.

2: Noble title just above Lord.

In Amtgard

It is a customary title awarded for an outstanding term of service in the office of Baron, or in the office of Prime Minister of a Principality or Duchy.

The proper form of address is "My Liege", "My Lord", "My Lady" as in "Baronet Bromos Alestone, My lord, how are you today?"

Why I'm fine, thanks for asking -Bromos Alestone

Known Baronets, Baronettes, and Baronetexes

Baronet's Coronet

Most historical symbols for Baronet are similar to that of knights, but in Amtgard they may wear a Circlet with no more than three points being polite. They may also add a stylized version of the circlet to their Coat of Arms.

Historical Meaning

A baronet (traditional abbreviation Bart, modern abbreviation Bt) or the rare female equivalent, a baronetess (abbreviation Btss), is the holder of a hereditary title awarded by the British Crown known as a baronetcy. The current practice of awarding baronetcies was originally introduced in England and Ireland by James I of England in 1611 in order to raise funds.

Baronetcies have four European equivalents from a ranking perspective: the Italian title of nobility Nobile, the Austrian and South German title of Edler von, extinct old-Polish panek ("lordling") and the Hungarian - (úr - földesúr) baronet is a title of nobility (peerage) known also as the hereditary territorial and manorial feudal lord of "von" ... (Example: Johanus Turcsányi von Turcsány), an Ritter and the Dutch Erfridder, may be held to be similar. There were originally three hereditary knighthoods in Ireland, of which two remain today. The name baronet is a diminutive of the peerage title baron. The rank of a baronet is between that of a baron and a knight.


  • Baronette (feminine)
  • Baronetess (feminine)
  • Baronetex (gender neutral)
  • Overlord
  • Nobile (gender neutral)
  • Baronetcy
  • Edler von
  • Panek
  • Földesúr