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Lord Squire Klause the Combustible, of Shrouding Mist , Northern Lights

”Fortune Favors the Brave.”


Started playing in around 2003, in Mystic Seas. After a couple of events, left the game for mundane reasons, before coming to Stormhaven. Klause became very active in every aspect of Amtgard, and striving to improve the land and game when possible. Belted by Lady Man-At-Arms Guin as a Man-At-Arms in April of 2015, and transferring to Squire Darius in September, 2015, Klause has grown close to many members of the Stormhaven group, and some from outside of the land.

After the Great Plague of 2020, Klause returned to Amtgard in the Kingdom of the Northern Lights, in the Duchy of Shrouding Mist. There, he was appointed the Duke of the land, and elected for a second term.

Klause became a member of Black Company at NLCC Spring, 2023.

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