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Event Dates

Since 2011, Amtgard Food Fight has expanded to include the entire month of September.


The Amtgard-Wide Food Fight was held the weekend of September 19-20, 2009. The idea for a Kingdom-wide Food Drive arose during a Dragonspine Circle of Knights meeting. The idea being to have the wide-spread kingdom of Dragonspine take one weekend and use it for a shared goal. Initially organized by Sir GoldCrest, this quickly grew into an Amtgard-wide initiative as Sir Iago and Squire Francis were already planning something between Dragonspine proper and Burning Lands. Their interest and support started the spread into other Kingdoms. Dame Sylvanista of the Celestial Kingdom was the first to use Amtgard Food Fight in her description of the event in her Kingdom’s newsletter. It quickly stuck as the name for the growing effort. Lands continue to join the effort each year and we hope to celebrate 100% participation by the Kingdoms very soon.

The hope is to focus support across multiple lands to show just how much impact we can have when we all work together towards one goal.

Initially organized in Dragonspine it came to encompass representatives and donations from almost every kingdom of Amtgard. Various lands throughout Amtgard held functions with the goal to raise food and money to be donated to food banks in each chapter's locale.

Basic Info

  • The Food Fight is in September because it falls in a bit of a dead zone for food banks. They have spent the summer supplying free lunches to children usually supported through free/reduced school meals. They are trying to recover before the holiday rush sets in. People often associate food bank drives with the holidays. Obviously, this puts them a bit behind the power curve. Any support we can do in advance helps them be better prepared for the winter months/holidays.
  • is the name/site for the national Second Harvest program. We ask everyone to look it over for local information on different ways to maximize assistance. The website has plenty of information that will often encourage support.
  • Many people don’t realize that Food Banks step up and organize free meals to replace those normally served as free/reduced meals to children during the school year. Also, for every dollar raised, it equates to approximately 13 dollars in buying power through sponsorships and charitable discounts. Every dollar donated equates to about 10 pounds of food for hungry men, women and children.
  • Each Kingdom/CoK simply establishes a POC to work with the individual lands to get some things planned/advertised.
  • Once the event is completed, Kingdom reps post their results so that final metrics can be collected and announced, this lets everyone see the true impact.
  • All proceeds/donations are for the local food bank/pantries.
  • The type/running of each event is up to each land hosting it.
  • Since its inception we are proud to say that lands participating in Amtgard Food Fight have raised over $44,800 in support of their local food banks and pantries.

Some ideas

  • Dollar/Can Food Tournaments
  • Can Food Drive/Collections
  • Sell sodas/snacks and donate profits (this is particularly good if you have something already planned that weekend)
  • Auctions
  • Special battlegames
  • Dunk tank


Prizes for the Winning Kingdom: Each year, the winning Kingdom will receive a banner featuring their heraldry and recognizing their achievement as the winner of that year's Food Fight. Other prizes may also be included, for example 2010's winner also was the subject of a Song written by Sir Forest.

How is the winner determined?

We would prefer it to not be based solely off of money; however basing it off the buying power seems most appropriate for helping the various organizations succeed/getting the help where it’s needed most. Through various sponsorships and donations the buying power of the organizations is significantly stronger that ours as individuals.

For every dollar ($1) raised, it equates to approx. $13 dollars in buying power through sponsorships and charitable discounts already in place supporting many of the charities we will raise donations for. The tally is based on that buying power. So, each canned food/item is awarded a 10 cent credit.

This year we are also attempting to account for volunteerism. To do so, we have established the following guidelines.

  • $$$$ = Actual amount raised
  • Food donations = .10 raised/item
  • Volunteer time = $5/hour and cap of 250/hours per kingdom AND cannot exceed their total raised in cans+cash (Volunteer time must be spent in direct support of the food charity.)

An item/effort can only count once. Ex. Working to raise money and donations, only the donations count and not the time spent. In keeping with the mission and intent of the Amtgard Food Fight, groups are encouraged to hold activities at the local level/parks and not base their contributions solely on the larger events. While this is often easier (often may prove more profitable) the relationships built in the local community through a grass roots program of local support are often just as vital.


Executive Committee: GoldCrest, Randall, Grix, Francis and KatnChains

Kingdom Representative Amount Raised
Burning Lands Leanda Belbanes/Maeve $
Emerald Hills Amethyst Panther $
Celestial Kingdom Julianna Archanna $
Golden Plains Tako $
Iron Mountains Vardos Puddingbait $
Golden Vale Promethea/Stephiroth $
Dragonspine Lila von Weiss $
Wetlands Harold B. Thundervoice $
Neverwinter Ravenos Kinslayer $
Blackspire LadyZearah Raven $
Crystal Groves Uni/Sir Shiva $
Rising Winds Raphael $
Desert Winds Scrye $
Tal Dagore Leeda Li $
Northern Lights $
Westmarch Amazonprincess Tina $


Executive Committee: GoldCrest, Randall, Grix and Sylvanista

Kingdom Representative Amount Raised
Burning Lands Artemis of Burning Lands $22,641
Emerald Hills Angelica Kraushaar $3,766
Celestial Kingdom Renjara End 'OH $2,582
Golden Plains Kismet Fyrechyld $2,489
Iron Mountains [Ormar Svensson] $1,450
Golden Vale Promethea & Stephiroth $857
Dragonspine Azrael-Jade $3,934
Wetlands Jiffee Mourningwood $2,741
Neverwinter Newlok tree $4,644
Blackspire Pungkow $489
Crystal Groves Pheonix $825
Rising Winds Southside $332
Desert Winds Loup $1,286
Tal Dagore Poobah $6,775
Northern Lights Dezmon Mainland $1,404
Westmarch Kat NChains $71,527
Total $127,742


Executive Committee: GoldCrest, Randall, Iago, Grix and Sylvanista
Food Czar: Francis (runs the Feast at Clan)

Kingdom Representative Amount Raised
Burning Lands Artemis $1,462
Emerald Hills TBD $0
Celestial Kingdom Blackwolf Wyngarde $3,079
Golden Plains Renity $5,158
Iron Mountains Little Bird $177
Golden Vale Tokwan Vaunt $120
Dragonspine Lila von Weiss $7,146
Wetlands Kittah Rahbet $339
Neverwinter Cody Blakstar $4,546
Blackspire Mavoreen $241
Crystal Groves Pheonix $863
Rising Winds Lady Jet $6,529
Desert Winds Nidalap $1,113
Tal Dagore Gafiltafish $2,134
Northern Lights Dolphina $3,333
Westmarch Tamara $18,464
Total $54,704

2013 banner is being made by Azrael-Jade
Warlord Sports donated an additional $250.


Executive Committee: GoldCrest, Randall and Iago

Kingdom Representative Amount Raised
Burning Lands Artemis and Arminius $1700
Emerald Hills Dailin $88.80
Celestial Kingdom Sylvanista $2015.05
Golden Plains Renity $3455.97
Iron Mountains Cio Cio and Rafeki $2296
Golden Vale Jace Lanes $250.85
Dragonspine Randall $3010
Wetlands Ascolis $5
Neverwinter Squire $72.70
Blackspire Moonshine $695.75
Crystal Groves Phoenix $1002.64
Rising Winds Wat $830
Desert Winds Matthias $2402.55
Tal Dagore Wisp $2200
Northern Lights Dolphina $7000
Total $27,025.31

2012 banner was made by


Executive Committee: GoldCrest, Randall and Iago

Kingdom Representative Amount Raised
Burning Lands Iago $544
Emerald Hills Alby $161*
Celestial Kingdom Sylvanista $1753
Golden Plains Smiley $3779.20
Iron Mountains Grix
Golden Vale Akrith $175*
Dragonspine Randall $3645.07
Wetlands TBD
Neverwinter Covina $111.40
Blackspire Moonshine $115
Crystal Groves Hitorimono $68
Rising Winds Thorvald $446
Desert Winds Rico $363.60*
Tal Dagore Wisp $814
FH of Golden Plains Arminius $758
Total $12733.27

Food Fight events will be held the entire month of September

  • - denotes results posted after the close of the event.

2011 banner was made by


Executive Committee: GoldCrest, Randall and Iago

Kingdom Representative Amount Raised
Burning Lands Iago $166
Emerald Hills Forest $40
Celestial Kingdom Sylvanista $571
Golden Plains Jeddak $713
Iron Mountains Kezgar $439
Golden Vale Ce’dar $0
Dragonspine Randall $1043
Wetlands Greasy $30
Neverwinter Covina $46
Blackspire Moonshine $0
Crystal Groves Wolfen $0
Rising Winds Michael $230
Desert Winds Loptr $186
Tal Dagore ?? $130
Total $3597

Donated items contribute $0.10 towards the total cash raised.

Food Fight weekend was September 18 - 19, 2010.

More information for 2010 can be found on E-Sam:
2010 banner was made by


Organizer: GoldCrest

Kingdom Representative Amount Raised
Burning Lands Iago / Caliana $250 + 40 items
Emerald Hills Warlord Sports $120
Celestial Kingdom Sylvanista $597 + 150 items
Golden Plains 0
Iron Mountains Hannibal 48 items
Golden Vale Bowen 0
Dragonspine Annabellee / Azrael-Jade $396 + 62 items
Wetlands Corwin 244 items
Neverwinter Covina 338 items
Blackspire Tseng 0
Crystal Groves Angela Mastersinger / Lodan 180 items
Rising Winds Thorvald 592 items
Desert Winds 0
Total $1363 + 1654 items

Food Fight weekend was September 19 -20, 2009.

Due to scheduling conflict, Westmarch held a later event, collecting $241.39 and 237 more items

2009 banner was made by Shelai