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Khazmylar Hotaru of Kaembryge, Celestial Kingdom

”Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.”-Assassin's Creed

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Khazmylar started attending Kaembryge with his roommate while going to his final year at TSTC. Upon graduating, he moved back to Houston but has been unable to find a home in the Wetlands. He talks sometimes of moving back to Austin to rejoin the Celestial Kingdom but only time will tell.


While he has been a formidable captain of his own merchant ship for some time, Khazmylar has grown tired of life at sea. He is contemplating returning to land, especially now that his ship has no attendant. Where he will settle, however, is still in debate.

Affiliated Groups

Order of AVO-Founder/Master

Belted Family

None yet.

Notable Accomplishments

Additional Images

Khazmylar 2.jpg
Khazmylar battlegaming at Kaembryge
Khazmylar w Renjara.jpg
Khazmylar with Renjara in their first week at Kaembryge

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