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Lord Sir Nella "Gekko" DarkBlade, of Hero's Pass in The Celestial Kingdom

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From the depth of Davy Jones locker comes one of the most feared and evil beings that the Amt world has ever known. Originally a Drow assassin sent to the Borderlands to cause havoc and chaos. He soon found himself at the mercy of an evil wizard who promised the young and greedy man power and wealth. Hungry for both he accepted eagerly and with out forethought. The wizard then cursed the young DarkBlade turning him into an undead warrior for his army. After many years of toiling in the wizard's service he was freed by another curse turning him into a skeletal warrior under the control of Count Crickett. With the down fall of the Borderlands, Crickett set forth on a quest that took him to far away lands. He released Gekko to sail the seas and be the pirate he was made to be. Taking the Count's personal ship, The Green Scale, Gekko began his life on the high seas. Many years later he was sailing near the island of Kalladen, where the refugees from the Borderlands had made their home. One night the crew decided to mutiny, so Gekko did what any good undead Captain would. He sank the ship killing the whole crew except for one who was loyal. After spending time as the King of Kalladen. Once their new ship, Tyrant's Fyst, was built, Gekko and his crew took their leave from the island. After sailing for a few years fate brought him back to the lands on the border where it all began. To his surprise, a new outpost had been formed and was starting to grow on the lands that cursed him twice. He decided that this new group of settlers needed him, so he stayed on to mold them and help them. Slowly over time a few others from the Borderlands showed up to help him in the new lands and kingdom. Aessic was first and was there when Gekko landed. Next came Sir Terarin, the scourge of the Borderlands.

Gekko took many positions in Kaembryge over the next few years, he was Baron, Regent, and Defender more then once. But the his position as squire to Dame Aurora Selene was the one he was most proud of, until one day in May when Sir Terarin, the king of the Celestial Kingdom at the time, dropped the sword on Gekko's shoulders raising him to Knight of the Flame.

Gekko eventually lead the charge to rename Kaembryge as Hero's Pass via althing in November 2017.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Renjara Beltline.jpg
Gekko (right) with his Knight, Aurora (center) and Squire, Renjara (left)

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