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Grand Duke Sir Raphael Frankenstein.

"Know your target and what's beyond" NRA handgun safety handbook

"You can have a spacesuit, it'll be the one with the air holes in the helmet."

"You can't travel through time on horseback."

"Spandex is a Privilege, not a Right"



Four Belted Knight of the Burning Lands, he has served as King of the Burning Lands numerous times.

He made Burning Lands' history serving a years as monarch with the same crown officers- Verana as Consort, and Bolt as Champion.

In June 2006 the Burning Lands veteran moved to the shire of Starmount under the Iron Mountains. On his final stepping down as King in 2006 the knights of the Burning Lands felt it fitting to give him the kingdom's Champion sword for services rendered.

Until the age of 29 was ridiculed as the Boy King, however, he was not the first nor will he be the last.

Is a member of F.U.C.K.

Last person in Burning Lands to be a club officer (Prime Minister) under the age of 18.

He is now in the western half of Polaris.

He is Captain of Archon

Raphael is a two time winner of Rising Winds' Best of the Best competition.

Affiliated Groups

Formerly of the Star Questing Dragons, Golden Lions, now member of Archon and Captain. Founding member of Cthulhu National Party

Belted Family

Sir Raphael-(Crown 1996), (Flame 1998), (Sword 2001), (Serpent 2015)

Notable Accomplishments

  • Once loaned a tent to Garik that had only been used once.
  • Keeper of Smaug
  • Has gathered over 200 credits in both Paladin and Anti-Paladin (He liked those classes!)

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Personal Heraldry

More Information

  • Lost a tooth at Clan in the early 2000's. He spit out what he thought was blood but it contained his tooth as well. Once this was realized he was rushed to Cloudcroft, and then on to Alamogordo, but the tooth was dead and could not be replaced by the time he got there.

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