Gwynne of Tarnlea

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Countess Dame Gwynne of Tarnlea, of the Lands that Burn

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A Knight of the Serpent and Flame, as well as one of the best known artisans in Amtgard history. Gwynne served numerous times as secretary of the BLBOD. Gwynne wrote two exhaustive guides for Amtgard: an Amtgard garbing handbook and an cook book. Her writing style is unique and entertaining, but her attention to detail meant that neither of these creations was officially published. Copies of the unpublished manuscripts are treasured by those to whom she gave them. Gwynne was one of the driving forces behind the excellent meals that were served at Claw and Archon camps at Clan.

Passed from the mortal plane in October 2020.

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Dame Gwynne of Tarnlea (Serpent), Flame)

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