Known World War

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An interkingdom event hosted in agreement between Emerald Hills, Tal Dagore, and Rivermoor. The event is typically war-themed, starting with several skirmishes and battles over key locations or personnel, escalating into a large field battle at the end of the weekend.

General Information

Attendance: 318

Winner: Tie between Emerald Hills and Rivermoor

  • 2017: KWW + Olympiad

Attendance: 232

Winner: Emerald Hills


2016: Starting as rivalry between the then Principality of Rivermoor and Principality of Dreadmoor, things broke out into war when Rivermoor was recognized as an independent kingdom and Dreadmoor was reabsorbed by the Emerald Hills. Conflict erupted between the two kingdoms, Rivermoor heavily aided by their allies in Tal Dagore. The battle consisted of many exchanges, finally ending when both commanders left the field wounded.

2017: Emerald Hills and Rivermoor quickly recovered from the year before, but Tal Dagore suffered a famine which caused their forces to show a vital weakness, which was quickly capitalized on by Emerald Hills invaders. The allied forces of Tal Dagore and Rivermoor scrambled to form defenses, but were cut off by the Polaris Army from the north, and a deadly storm that swept a large portion of the Tal Dagore army away. The forces that did make it to the battle were slaughtered by the waiting Emerald Hills Army.

2018: Feeling slighted by the Tal Dagore army's betrayal, Rivermoor dissolved the alliance and prepares to march. Battles were evenly matched throughout the weekend with Tal Dagore dug in and strong pushes by the Sapphire Imperium resulting in stalemate. After 3 days of siege, negotiations began between Kings Hannoske, Panikk and Kite who decided instead to turn their armies east towards the Rising Winds.