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Warlord Sir Eggman, of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains in the Iron Mountains (He/Him)

”The bar is not my son, but I will raise it. ”

Eggman armored.jpg
Home Park Duchy of the Iron Mountains
Kingdom Iron Mountains
Year Started
Noble Title Knight of the Sword
Belt Status Knight


Eggman has been playing Amtgard for quite sometime and in 2005 received his Warlord from the Empire of The Iron Mountains. After receiving his Warlord he took a break and returned in 2011. Formerly with the Nighthawks. He likes food. Is an extremely analytic fighter who just loves the game in general. Since coming back he has renewed his enthusiasm and shown the rest of Amtgard what a great person he truly is.


Affiliated Groups

The Band of the Hammer
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The Cobra Kai
Cobra kai.jpg

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Warlord, granted by Korderellin of the Iron Mountains, 2005
  • From a 2012 poll on Esam he is considered one of the top 10 fighters in the game.
  • Knight of the Sword, granted by Korderellin of the Iron Mountains, (Rakis) 2015
  • Only Asian Warlord
  • Got 42+ wins in a row = Double Warlord
  • 3rd place in the Hammer of God tourney 2016
  • 1st place in warskill Olympiad 2016 (tied with Monkey)
  • 1st place in 7 and up tourney Clan 2017 (tied with Xion)
  • 2024.02.10 - 1st Place in the Iron Mountains "War-Party" Imperial Weaponmaster Tournament.



Inter-Kingdom Events Attended

Additional Images


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