Jocelyn Achard

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Lady Sir Jocelyn Achard, of Midnight Sun, in The Emerald Hills

"Yes, you may hug my dress."

"Jocelyn has somehow reached the upper echelons of game and craft without the taint of bitterness, scandal, or rage. But I bet she'd be good at rage, too" - Petra

Jocelyn's Heraldry

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Jocelyn first got started in Amtgard when someone said "Oh, you can also make costumes and get awards for them!" at a local demo. She showed up to her first park day in the Duchy of the Desert Rose in Desert Winds in June 2011, having made herself a tunic and read the rule book cover-to-cover. Within a few months she was paged to Sir Duffer, called an overachiever at least a dozen times, and was asked to join the then-just-forming fighting company Bearclaw Thunder, and its sister household Bloodstone Thunder. Over the next few years she fought a bit, cooked a bit, was duchess for a stint, but mostly went to bardics and sewed a lot. She was accepted into house Emberlight at a bardic at Salt Wars 2013, which was her proudest Amtgard moment for many years. She petitioned and joined Bellator at Rakis 2016. Jocelyn was elevated to the peerage as a Knight of the Serpent at Salt Wars in May of 2017.


  • She will take any insanely complicated crafting idea as a challenge.
  • She has found something she is bad at, but won't tell anyone what it is.
  • She has a very boring story about how she chose her name.


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