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Sir Ivar Nefarious, of many places...

”You guys are all dicks”



Longtime webmaster of Amtgard.com. Knight of the Crown, Flame and Serpent, received from three different kingdoms (Emerald Hills, Golden Plains and Burning Lands).

  • Archaeologist.
  • Hat enthusiast.
  • Always surrounded by women (some of them he made hostile).
  • Secretly lives in Austin TX with his other half, Tazey.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Ivar has at least two, Zol of Darkenthal and Deimos.

Former squires

Notable Accomplishments

Additional Images

Naes (left) and Ivar (right) at Gathering of the Clans

SKBC 2008

Ivar is is charge of the CK Space Program via the Nefarious Space Command
photo courtesy of Asmund

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