Keep on the Borderlands

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Keep on the Borderlands is an Interkingdom Event held between members of the Kingdoms of Tal Dagore, Rising Winds, and Polaris held in September. Hosts the Hammer of God Cup. It is Coronation for the Rising Winds, Midreign for Tal Dagore, and Midreign for Polaris

Keep I - Keep on the Boarderlands 2010

Keep II - Against the Giants. 2011. Sept 16-18 A&S Best in show: Dame Hawkana

Keep III - 2012 Autocrat: Kaads Sept 6-9

Keep IV - Temple of Elemental Evil 2013 Autocrat:Michael and Agustus Attendance: 529. Sept 17-23 HOGC Winner: Brett A&S Winner: ?

Keep V - Dragons of Autumn Twilight. 2014. Autocrat:? Attendance: 576. Sept 18-21 at Wolfcreek State Park in Windsor, IL. HOGC winner: Monkey? A&S Winner?

Keep VI - Ravenloft. 2015

Keep VII - Dark Sun. 2016

Keep VIII - Eberron, The Last War. 2017

Keep IX - Tales of the Sword Coast. 2018

Keep X - Return To Keep on the Borderlands. 2019, Rage Kage Winner: Frith

Keep 2020 - The Plague Year

Keep XI - Tomb of Horrors, 2021 Autocrats: Tegen and Kai, HoG Cup Winner: Peter the Quick, Rage Kage Winner: Fyxe

Keep XII - Kingmaker, 2022, Autocrats - Cannon and Amdair, HoG Cup Winner: Nip, Swordslinger Soirée Winner: Fyxe

Keep XIII - The Lost City 2023. Autocrats - Shortcake and Zike,

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