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Baronet Etah Obsidyn Reis, of the Halls of Aegir in Westmarch

Chapter Aegir's Hall
Kingdom Westmarch
Started 2009
Highest Noble Title Baronet
Belted Status Knight of the Flame
Formerly Belted Under Sir Downfall
Contact Information
E-Mail [email protected]
Facebook [1]

”Every Drop of Blood,
Every Bitter Tear,
Every Bead of Sweat;
I Live For This!"
~ Hatebreed

"You got some hate in you, and I like that" - Belkev to Etah, SKBC 2012


Etah was a Field Supervisor for Monument Security in Sacramento California in late 2009. Filling in for a guard at the KOVR TV station he was watching the broadcast and there was a segment on the local Amtgard Park, Thors Refuge. Having been looking for a foam LARPing group for his then wife (they have since divorced) since they watched Role models together. Turns out his wife wasn't interested at all, but he has been hooked every since. Etah spent two years working with Warlord Thedro to improve his fighting before Thedro moved back to New Mexico. During this time he moved from the Duchy of Thor's Refuge to the Shire of Aegir's Hall. Etah became a Corsair Maggot at Gathering of the Clans in 2013. He trained at the Dojo of the Blade Sages learning single sword from Orko. In Spring 2015 he became a full Corsair and Squire to Duke Sir Downfall. After Mistyvale became a Barony he transferred there. He kept his credits in Wyvern's Spur for awhile while continuing to live in Sacramento before transferring his credits back to Aegir's Hall in 2017. He was Knighted, as a Knight of the Flame for the Kingdom of Westmarch in October 2023.


Etah is a golem. He was created by the great gray and black wizard the Dro and he's animated exclusively by hate.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Former Belted:
Man-At-Arms Link (Dropped by self)
Man-At-Arms Mugen (Inactive)
Man-At-Arms Fifty-Two (promoted to Squire Brother)
Man-At-Arms Bucket (Dropped by parents)
Man-At-Arms Dobby (Dropped by self)
Man-At-Arms Dargon (Dropped by self)

Major Accomplishments

Knight of the Flame, 2023
Master Rose, 2022
Noble title of Baronet, Gathering of the Clans 2015
Corsair Wings, Darkshore 2015
Squired to Sir Downfall, Darkshore 2015
Noble title of Lord, Darkshore 2014

Major Crat Positions

Autocrat: Darkshore, 2022
Autocrat: Westmarch Wars, 2018
(Co)Autocrat: FOM Olympiad, 2016
War-o-crat: Feast of Mars, 2015
(Co)Autocrat: Westmarch Wars, 2015
Autocrat: Darkshore, 2015
War-O-Crat: Westmarch Wars, 2014
War-O-Crat: Darkshore, 2014

Leadership Positions

Kingdom of Westmarch's Circle of Monarch's Representative: Summer 2023 Reign
Champion: Barony of Misyvale, June-Sept 2016
President: Westmarch Board-Of-Directors, 2015
Champion: Kingdom of Westmarch, Spring 2014
Champion: Kingdom of Westmarch, Fall 2013
Sheriff: Shire of Aegir's Hall, Spring 2013
Pro-tem Sheriff: Shire of Aegir's Hall, Fall 2012
Prime Minister: Duchy of Thor's Refuge, Spring 2012 (excellent audit)
Prime Minister: Duchy of Thor's Refuge, Fall 2011 (excellent audit)

Miscellaneous Crat Positions

Security: Phoenix Rise, 2018
Assistant Event Coordinator: Phoenix Rise/Fool's Raid, 2015
Security-O-Crat: Gathering of the Clans, 2015
Trash-O-Crat: Gathering of the Clans, 2015
Miscellaneous-Crat: Crossroads, 2014
Assistant Dungeon Master: Bear Bear's Dungeon Crawl, 2014
Coordinator of Westmarch Tutorial for Fighters, 2013
Assistant Dungeon Master: Bear Bear's Dungeon Crawl, 2013
Assistant to Crat Team: Westmarch Wars, 2013
Trash-O-Crat: Dragon Blade Wars 2012
Assistant Dungeon Master: Bear Bear's Dungeon Crawl, 2012
Security-O-Crat: Feast of Mars 2011
Assistant Dungeon Master: Bear Bear's Dungeon Crawl, 2011
Assistant Gate-O-Crat: Feast of Mars 2010

Miscellaneous Accomplishments

Administrator, 22nd Legion, 2016
Westmarch Contact for the State of Amtgard Report, 2016
Westmarch Contact for the State of Amtgard Report, 2015
Alternate: Westmarch Board-Of-Directors, 2014
Became Corsair Maggot at Clan, 2013
Pirate King of Westmarch: Flurbtastic, 2013 (Captain of the winning team)
Weaponmaster: Duchy of Thor's Refuge,2013
Weaponmaster: Duchy of Thor's Refuge, 2012
Royal Guard, Duchy of Thor's Refuge, 2011
Liaison: Thor's Refuge Board-Of-Directors 2011
Supernumerary Regents Defender, Thor's Refuge, 2010
Alternate: Thor's Refuge Board-Of-Directors 2010

Camping Events Attended

(CK) Spring Wars 2024
(WM) Feast of Gods: Athena 2023
(WM) Feast of Gods: Loki 2022
(WM) Darkshore 2022
(CK) Spring Wars 2020
(WM) Feast of Gods: Odin 2019
(WM) Darkshore 2019
(Belegarth) Battle for the Ring 2019
(WM) Feast of Gods: Odin 2018
(WM) Westmarch Wars 2018
(BL) Gathering of the Clans 2018
(WM) Darkshore 2018
(Belegarth) Phoenix Rise 2018
(WM) Feast of Gods: Mars 2017
(Belegarth) War of Wrath 2017
(DW) Dragon Blade Wars 2017
(WM) Sword Knight Boot Camp 2017
(WM) Darkshore 2017
(Belegarth) Battle for the Ring 2017
(WM) Feast of Gods: Olympiad 2016
(WM) Darkshore 2016
(Belegarth) Phoenix Rise: Fool's Raid 2016
(Belegarth) Battle for the Ring 2016
(EH) Banner Wars 2015
(WM) Feast of Gods: Mars 2015
(WM) Westmarch Wars 2015
(BL) Gathering of the Clans 2015
(WM) Darkshore 2015
(EH) Sir Tunear's Wake at TWF in 2015
(Belegarth) Battle for the Ring 2015
(WM/DW/DS) Crossroads 2014
(WM) Feast of Gods: Mars 2014
(DS) Sword Knight Boot Camp 2014
(WM) Westmarch Wars 2014
(BL) Gathering of the Clans/Corsair Family Reunion 2014
(WM) Darkshore 2014
(WM) Flurbtastic 2014
(Belegarth) Battle for the Ring 2014
(WM) Feast of Gods: Mars 2013
(WM) Westmarch Ed Levin County Midreign 2013
(DW) Dragon Blade Wars 2013
(BL) Gathering of the Clans 2013
(DS:WM) Darkshore 2013
(TD) Sword Knight Boot Camp 2013
(DS:WM) Feast of Gods: Mars 2012
(DW) Dragon Blade Wars 2012
(DS:WM) Flurbtastic 2012
(DW) Salt Wars 2012
(DS:WM) Darkshore 2012
(DS) Sword Knight Boot Camp 2012
(DS:WM) Westmarch Tehachapi Mid-reign 2012
(DS:WM) Feast of Gods: Mars 2011
(DW) Dragon Blade Wars 2011
(DS:WM) Flurbtastic 2011
(DW) Salt Wars 2011
(DS:WM) Darkshore 2011
(DS:WM) Feast of Gods: Mars 2010
(DW) Dragon Blade Wars 2010
(DS:WM) Sword Knight Boot Camp 2010

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