Cultural Olympian

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Winner of the Arts and Sciences tourney at Olympiad.

What is it?

Each year an Olympiad is held. It's location rotates through out the kingdoms giving everyone a chance to participate. At Olympiad there is a War Tourney and a Arts and Sciences Tourney. Each person participating receives a point total for each tourney. the person with the most points wins the overall contest and the title of Grand Olympian for that year. The Winners of the individual tourneys are called the Cultural Olympian and the War Olympian.

How do you earn it?

The bare fact is that your point total must be higher than every one else's, it is said in many places that it is more difficult to become a Cultural Olympian than anything else. Each year, just as it is held in a different place it is also held by different people who run different styles of tourney but the Arts and sciences tourneys are more consistant than War tourneys. By virtue of this and the fact that the traveling event is sometimes not as well attended as it should be, so sometimes an out lander from and area of a different skill level will come to the event and sweep it.

Listing of Cultural Olympians

2019 XXIX Winter's Edge

2018 XXVIII Polaris

2017 XXVII Rivermoor

2016 XXVI Westmarch

2015 XXV Keep on the Borderlands

2014 XXIV Crystal Groves

2013 XXIII Emerald Hills

2012 XXII Wetlands

2011 XXI Neverwinter

2010 XX Goldenvale

2009 XIX Dragonspine

2008 XVIII Emerald Hills

2007: XVII Burning Lands

2006: XVI Wetlands

2005: XV Rising Winds

2004: XIV Goldenvale

2003: XIII Iron Mountains

2002: XII Dragonspine

2001: XI Mystic Seas

2000: None

1999: X Emerald Hills

1998: IX Wetlands

1997: VIII Dragonspine

1996: VII Iron Mountains

1995: VI Celestial Kingdom

1994: V Burning Lands

1993: IV Burning Lands

1992: None

1991: III Burning Lands

1990: II Burning Lands

1989: I Burning Lands