Mystic Seas

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Amtgard Chapter
Mystic seas.jpg
Dusk Hollow
Kingdom Blackspire
Status Duchy
City Troutdale, Oregon
Park The Imagination Station
Meets on Saturday @12pm
Founded Early 90's

Mystic Seas, a Duchy of the Kingdom of Blackspire in Troutdale, OR


The seventh Amtgard Kingdom in existence. The Kingdom of the Mystic Seas was started by Sir Zircon in the early 90's, under the CK and still has strong ties to the Celestial Kingdom. MS gained Kingdom Status on August 15th 1993. The Kingdom of the Mystic Seas was located in Portland, Oregon, and has sponsored Chapters throughout Oregon and Washington.

Mystic Seas has, since the merger between Mystic Seas and the Valley of the Silver Rains, become a barony under Blackspire, and they meet every Saturday at Alberta Park, Portland, OR


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We meet at The Imagination Station, in Troutdale, 1900 SW Cherry Park Rd, Troutdale, OR, Noon every Saturday.

Weekday Fighter Practice

Mystic Seas also hosts a fighter night on Tuesdays 5:00 near 44th and Alberta and 5:30 at North Gresham Park. Participants can earn credit toward the class they play. Contact the Facebook page for directions and details.

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