Red Beard

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Duke Cabur Red Beard, of Skywatch, Golden Plains

Red Beard's Field Heraldry
Home Park Skywatch
Kingdom Golden Plains
Year Started 2006



For years Red Beard existed just out side amtgard, joining a park briefly in 06, finally becoming an active player in 2016.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Red Beard is a former squire to Sir Uther Retheu Ironfist.

Notable Accomplishments


  • Lord-Awarded by Sir Uther Retheu Ironfist, King of the Golden Plains, August 2019
  • Baron-Awarded by Vasharesh the Harlequin, Count of Skywatch, 2021?
  • Duke-Awarded by Sultan Sir Kamal Aser Allah bin Mustafa bin Hassen A'Meca, King of the Golden Plains, February 2021

Positions Held

Elected Regent of Skywatch June 2016

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