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Squire Lossefalme Melinair of Nine Willows, Golden Plains

Lossefalme's Personal Heraldry
Home Park Nine Willows
Year Started 1997
Belt Status Squire

"Beria uin Ol"



Lossefalme has always had a love of costuming and acting, and Amtgard allows her to combine these two loves, as well as that of hitting people with foam sticks. She started playing many many years ago, as part of the Darkwater West group. Later, in college, she rediscovered the game when Captain Jack, (the Sheriff of the Shining Dogs at the time) looked up from the other end of the table in the cafeteria and announced “You will come out to the field this weekend.” Her many interests include (but are not limited to) costuming, role playing, jewelry making, henna, and belly dancing. She plays an Elven Monk, and can often be found on the side of the field distracted by people with new garb, weapons, or anything shiny.

What is known of Lossefalme’s past begins with her arrival in the Shire of the Shining Dogs. She never gave a satisfactory explanation as to where she came from, or why an elf would be so happy to settle in with a group of pirates (sea-less and ship-less, but pirates nonetheless), but settle she did. Being fond of organization, she was soon persuaded to take over the post of Chancellor which she held by force (people forcing her) for some time. Pirates do not like paperwork. During this time, she also co-founded House Sirius with Zelph, an Elven ranger. The members of House Sirius maintained close ties with members of the Unseen Hand, and at Clan 2009 Lossefalme became Woman-At-Arms to Lord Squire Wretch.

After what has been described as a “minor apocalypse” wiped out most of the shire, Lossefalme decided it was time to move on and seek her fortune to the North. She gained the (reluctant) blessings of her Squire and Knight and in the fall she departed on her quest. She is currently living in the wild and uncivilized northern lands, and plans to attempt to start a new group just as soon as everything (and everyone) thaws in the spring.

Affiliated Groups

Lady of House Sirius

Belted Family

Lossefalme is squired to Sir Wretch, Knight of the Flame

Notable Accomplishments

  • Chancellor of the Shining Dogs - Two Reigns

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~ At Gathering of the Clans 2009 ~


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