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Quad-Master Sir Orgasmatron the Climaxius Darkpaw Wyngarde of Nine Willows, Golden Plains

Orgasmatron's Company Heraldry
Home Park Nine Willows
Kingdom Golden Plains
Year Started 1997
Belt Status Knight of the Flame

”F*ck you”

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Orgasmatron first started playing Amtgard in Dark Oasis in October of 1997. He had originally played SCA and came upon Amtgard through a flyer at Greenspray in which he was doing photography which led him to his first experience with Amtgard when he entered a Tournament hosted by Dark Oasis during Kingdom Mid-Reign. Having some fighting skill with the foam no one new he was in-experienced, had some discrepancies with in the heat of the moment head-shots which was explained later the difference between SCA and Amtgard. Once the issues were resolved he picked up fighting even more and continues to swing stick today. He has been a resident in a few different kingdoms, and played and lived in Pegasus Valley, and places in Emerald Hills as well. Most of his Amtgard career has been in Dark Oasis where he resides now. He has been a member of such companies as the Unseen Hand & the Saracens and was a Minion of the Dark Riders, and was also a Legionnaire of the Legion of the Black Cross

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