Nidalap Fuzzykins

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Count Master Sir Nidalap Fuzzykins, of Desert Rose, Desert Winds

”Don't be a sandy vag!!”


Nidalap brought his technology deprived personage to the fair lands of the Desert Rose in 2007. His barbaric ways and lighthearted nature bring a sense of flurbiness not before seen to the game. As depicted below where he slayed Page Mardigan.


Affiliated Groups

  • Justice League of Amtgard (JLA) - Green Lantern

Belted Line

Was a squire to Sir Rico Boner Knight of the Crown

Squire list: Snow Bryna Vixen Draeva Valkyrie Corvidae

Notable Accomplishments

Baronet recieved in March of 2008 for wonderful service as a Regent for the Desert Rose

Master Barbarian Recieved in May of 2008

Count recieved in November of 2010 for his service as King and Regent for the Desert Winds

Knighted Knight of the Crown at Salt Wars 10 by King Celdic Fitz Caliston

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