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Baron Sir Poobah Nemoralis of Phoenix Tears in the Kingdom of Tal Dagore

"The Rekindler of the Torch of Hate"


Poobah started playing Amtgard in May of 2000 in St.Louis MO at Westerngate after being invited by a few of his gaming friends. He was quickly hooked and continued to play for a few years. After a falling out with some friends he left the game for a year, but returned refreshed and ready to go again.

Unfortunately the administration that was in charge when he came back was pretty crappy and after a year and a half, he got sick of those in charge playing favorites time after time. He left the game for another couple years after Konrad convinced him that a break would be good.

In 2011 Poobah returned for some insane reason to see things finally going back to how they should be. He became Wisp's page in 2012, and a few months later became his squire at IK after getting his boxtops. Exactly 1 year after being squired, Poobah recieved his Master Rose and was relieved as Wisp's squire as is tradition in the beltline. In June of 2014 he was knighted in the Order of the Flame for his contributions to the Food Fight and other Kingdom services.

He currently has 2 squires . Tawney and Raven Blackmoor. About to make his return due to his nephews joining the game.

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Tawney Squire

Raven Bloodmoor of Terra Votum Squire

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