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Grand Duke Sir Alby Kzan, of the Shire of Red Storm (Oklahoma), of the Emerald Hills

”Don't go to STAGE TWO!!!


Alby during his 2nd reign as Monarch of the Emerald Hills.


Me are barbarian. I am the pillager of the nashuns and ravager of the untestified. Son of the Gartak the gloris. I grew up in land many do not speak of due to harsh nature of the demons that live there. many wars have been fought and one bymy sword. The war of the the toncantis where i sleyed 203 men by my own blade is where I first found greatess there soon after at the war of the tree I led my own army and destroyed the evil which of demon empire. Her guts spillede and blood poored like floeing water. Not long after that my wife and 17 kids were slain by her sister a demon witch .I sought vengance which led me here.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • War Chief of the Freehold of Five Banners, Nov. 2007- June 2008
  • War Chief of the Shire of Five Banners, June 2008-Dec.2008

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