Blackwolf Wyngarde

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Grand Duke Sir Blackwolf Wyngarde, of Murky Waters of The Celestial Kingdom

”Wisdom lies not in books or the mind,but in heart and soul it's hard to find. Rationalism tempered by judgement true,oppression and injustice can this wisdom undo ~ Blackwolf”


I started playing Amtgard in the early 90's in what would later become the Wetlands. Throughout my travels around the realms of amtgard I have ended up in the Celestial Kingdom where I am striving to herald in a new era of players with old school style. I received my Lord title on August 10th 2013 and will strive to be an exemplary player in the years to come..May 10th 2014 I received my Master Rose and was Knighted by Lord Sir Raban Harkonnen as a Knight of the Flame. May 10th 2014 also became King of the Celestial Kingdom for 2 reigns ending in may 2015. I stepped down from being King to become Duke of Murky Waters. I received my Grand Duke title from Lord Distan TGD at Clan 2015. I was given my Crown Belt by Sir Shadow Dragon under authority of King Distan on November 14, 2015.

Affiliated Groups

Ascendant - War Council
House Styxx
House Wyngarde

Belted Line

Blackwolf Wyngarde has voluntarily dropped his belts from the CK

The following are formerly belted under Blackwolf

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