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The Phoenix is a mythical bird which was reputed to live for hundreds of years, then build a pyre and consume itself in the flames. From the fire would emerge a reborn Phoenix.

The Phoenix is the symbol of Amtgard and is generally only worn by Knights, Masters, or as part of a Kingdom or Park heraldry..

The Phoenix is also worn as a symbol of Masterhood in one of the following orders:

  • Dragon: Gold phoenix on a green background.
  • Garber: Gold phoenix on a blue background.
  • Lion: Gold phoenix on a purple background.
  • Owl: Gold phoenix on a brown background.
  • Rose: Gold phoenix on a white background.
  • Smith: Gold phoenix on a grey background.
  • Warrior: Gold phoenix on a red background.
  • Crown: Gold phoenix on a black background.

From the Celestial Codex


At the crossroads of a thousand worlds and whens, the realm of Amtgard is protected by the revitalizing energies of the celestial known as the Phoenix. Through the power of the Phoenix, the doors to Amtgardia remain open and fluid, allowing species and individuals from unrelated dimensions to enter and intermingle in new and often unexpected ways. It is the Flame of the Phoenix that keeps the sun burning, fuels the white light of healing, and grants the gifts of fire and magic to all intelligent races that seek them. Another noteworthy effect of the Phoenix are the boons of Resurrection, Reanimate and Reincarnate. The Phoenix is the symbol of life returned from the ashes of death and so allows the inhabitants of Amtgardia to return from the Great Beyond with miraculous regularity. Indeed, few are those who have not experienced first hand the wonder of a slain companion returned to life by a Healer’s simple prayer. Likewise, many have witnessed the terror of the Walking Dead brought forth from the grave in shuffling droves. Both of these spectacles draw on the same principal power, that of the dual-natured Phoenix - as do the abilities of the self-proclaimed Guardians of the Realm: righteous Paladins and their sinister counterparts. So strong is the link between Paladins and the Phoenix that even the dark Anti-Paladins bear the thunderbird’s symbol as a sign of honour. For truly, without darkness, without death, life and light would have little meaning. And much like it’s guardian, the Amtgardian dimension cycles through life-death-rebirth phases fairly regularly. During such climactic times, the very laws of nature and magic have been known change, leaving a much different world behind whenever the upheaval ends and a semblance of normalcy is restored.


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There is also as award, the Order of the Phoenix, given by the two oldest kingdoms.