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Vardos au Barca of the Duchy of Iron Mountains Denver within the Empire of the Iron Mountains

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"Sorry" to literally everyone and everything.


Vardos au Barca joined Amtgard in late April 2013, after weeks of cajoling and mild insults from his neighbor and classmate. He did not regret it, and kept coming back for more.

Vardos enjoys service to Amtgard, political office, traveling to other parks and kingdoms, and 7 second runs on the battlefield.

Vardos is primarily known as a Barbarian during class games, although he occasionally reeves. Vardos particularly enjoys teaching new players the game, as it gives him a chance to try and get them to play Barbarian. He has an aversion to the Arts and Sciences, but does not mind eating them when offered.

Vardos aspires to make many rocks. He currently owns three.

Hiatus and Return

Vardos found himself burnt out from holding office and trying to hold a park together. Vardos abruptly left Amtgard in early 2017. Vardos occasionally tried Amtgard, but wasn't feeling the magic. Vardos returned in early 2020, but COVID struck within a month and Vardos was forced to wait longer. Vardos has returned with a vigor since Amtgard has resumed. He is solely focused on fighting and earning his Paragon Barbarian. Vardos may someday attempt Amtgard service, but is currently enjoying just getting in whacks and acclimating back into the game.

Random Tidbits

Vardos waffled for his first two weeks on which class to play first. At the time, his park had not started play testing Version 8 yet. The Magic of most of the casting classes intimidated him. Some classes didn't fit what Vardos viewed as his play style, others just didn't interest him. Vardos discovered the Amtwiki, found an article called About Barbarians, and fell in love with the class. Vardos is in love with Barbarian even more with the introduction of Version 8, and has achieved over 100 credits in the class. Vardos hates the white sash, though. He hasn't washed his white sash, and plans not to until he is mistaken for a Druid, an Assassin, or a Healer. If there is one thing Vardos wants, it is his Paragon Barbarian.

Vardos destroyed the unholy sash during his hiatus and currently has a new, clean sash.

Vardos thinks arrows are just rude verbals.

Vardos thinks rocks should be weapon breaking and will die and then Fight after Death on this hill.

Vardos changed his surname from Puddingbait to au Barca to reflect his love for the Red Rising series and to have a name that made him happy.

Belted family

XII:Ser Agustus (Crown) (Sword)

Affiliated Groups

Vardos is not currently part of any company or household.

Notable accomplishments


Honored with the title of Baronet on June 25th, 2016 during Endreign Court at Rakis.


Attended Events