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Duke Sir Francis of Ravensholm, of Dragonspine

Francis' Heraldry
Home Park Dragonspine
Kingdom Dragonspine
Year Started 1997
Noble Title Duke
Belt Status Knight of the Flame

”Where are my minions!” -


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Francis started playing in the winter of 1997 in Dark Oasis of Golden Plains. He moved to Ardent Sands in 2000 and notably was responsible for their golden age. In 2004 he began playing in Dragonspine proper and hasn't left since. He's known in the park for putting on excellent feasts and making sure everyone's archery equipment is up to snuff. He is a Master Archer, after all. He's also married to Annabellee and is the father of Wolfgarn, Red Beard and Antsnack.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Francis was squired to Randall, the belt line he shares with Anatole, Cassandrah, Mihr and Tala.

Notable Accomplishments

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Left to right: Sir Evan/Duchess Liricia/Sir Francis

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