Sylvanista de’Ebonydaryth

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Arch Duchess Dame Sylvanista de’Ebonydaryth, Lady of Nocturnis and Standard Bearer of the Celestial Kingdom

Home Park Nocturnis
Kingdom Celestial Kingdom
Year Started 1994
Noble Title Arch Duchess
Belt Status Crown, Flame



Sylvanista started playing Amtgard in the Barony of the Borderlands (Emerald Hills) in 1994. When the Borderlands was raised to Principality, she had the honor of serving as the first principality regent. In 1998, she moved to the Duchy of Mordengaard (Wetlands). While in Mordengaard she was almost always selected as the Guildmaster of Scouts. In 2006, she was one of the cofounders of the Shire of Nocturnis. If you spend too much time around her, you will be volunteered to walk in a parade, work some type of Amtgard demo, help design a quest, help with the Amtgard Food Fight or support any number of her crazy Amtgard ideas.

As told by Capt Black:

  • The wild is her home
  • All animals her friend
  • She can track any creature
  • Shes of dark elvish kin

  • Black magic she wields
  • In the darkest of night
  • The dead soldiers rise
  • And prepare for the fight

  • Shes the ruler of armies
  • Shes the queen of the land
  • She can destroy entire kingdoms
  • With the wave of her hand

  • In all of the realms
  • Dame Sylvanista is known
  • But in the woods of Nocturnis
  • Is where she does roam

Affiliated Groups

Member of Archon

Member of Clan Mephitis

Ministers of Grace

Former member of the Sisters of the Serpent

Member of the Borderlands Alumni

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

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Left to right: Sylvanista, Voltar and Crinos

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