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The Sacred Order of the Righteous Brotherhood of the Chosen, Holy Warriors of BoB the Unforgiving

Spring War III, 1996: Left to Right- Argus, Asylus, Rand, Drakknar, Dargoth, Arthon, Dorian Kong, and Calidorn

The Chosen are Amtgard's premier fighting company, and are active in several medieval recreation societies. The company was originally formed in Barad Duin (HFS) shortly after the Amtgard-HFS split in 1991, but are now primarily Amtgard based. The Chosen excel in the fighting arts and focus both on personal development and increasing the overall skill level of fighting in Amtgard. The Chosen's efforts cater specifically to the Stick Jock mentality and encourage flurby attempts at roleplay through a process similar to natural selection, where only the strong flurbs survive. The company name was originally created as a satirical mockery of role-playing groups who took themselves too seriously.

Originally, members of the Torches would take to the field in black "phaser" style sunglasses, donning a silver, spray-painted Torch centered against a black, torn and unwashed tabbard. This was originally a nod to the Corsairs, who often took to the field in similar "styled" adornment. Though Torch culture is very much based on fighting excellence, the company includes well respected A&S contibuters and many members who have contributed to the betterment of Amtgard. Traditionally, Torches do not accept service rewards for the work they have done, since service is it own reward. Many instead give those awards to Bob's Purifying Flame.

Founders of The Chosen

Spring War III, 1996: Arthon, Drakknar, Dargoth, Dorian
Name Kingdoms Knighthood
Warlord Sir Arthon of the Golden City HFS, Barad Duin
Amtgard, CK
HFS, Amtgard
Warlord Sir Drakknar HFS, Barad Duin
Amtgard, CK
HFS, Amtgard
Sir Aganar Ky'Slaron HFS, Barad Duin HFS
Aurendir Dreadstone HFS, Barad Duin
Amtgard, CK
DOA(Decimus Octavius Aurelius) HFS, Barad Duin
Amtgard, CK

Key Definition
Passed Away

Past and Present High Priests of the Chosen

Clan, 2016: Left to Right- Krix, Arthon, Dalos, Sponge, Dizzy, Drakknar, Asylus, Barodo and Clalibus
Name Kingdoms Knighthood
Warlord Sir Azar of Chaos HFS, Barad Duin
Amtgard, CK
Sir Dalos of the Golden City HFS, Barad Duin
Amtgard, CK
Sagesse Noire HFS
Warlord Sir Deja Vu HFS, Barad Duin
Amtgard, CK
Dorian HFS, Barad Duin
Amtgard, CK
Sir Calidorn Bladesemmer HFS, Dalagoth
Amtgard, CK
Sir Argus Lynch HFS, Barad Duin; Amtgard, CK Amtgard, CK
Warlord Dame Estelyn Blackfyre Amtgard, CK Amtgard, CK
Marcus Asylus Cotta SCA, Bryn Gwlad
HFS, Barad Duin
Amtgard, CK
HFS: Knight of the Maglight
Dargoth HFS, Barad Duin
Amtgard, CK
Dorian Kong HFS, Paragon's Cross
Amtgard, CK
Warlord Sir Clalibus of Henceforth Amtgard, CK
HFS, Barad Duin
SCA , Bryn Gwald
Amtgard, CK , HFS
Sable Amtgard, CK
Skippy Amtgard, CK
Mordred Amtgard, CK
KFM Amtgard, CK
Styx Amtgard, CK
Warlord Don Diego Velasquez Amtgard, CK Amtgard, CK
Warlord Sir Dizzy Vertigo Amtgard, CK Amtgard, CK
Warlord Sir Belgarin Nav Nox Amtgard, CK Amtgard, CK , GV
Warlord Sir Thor Tandræbe Amtgard, IM Amtgard, IM
Calidor Amtgard, CK
Rakhir Amtgard
Warlord Tar'get De Mark Amtgard, WL
Mortamier Amtgard, CK
Sir Worm Amtgard, CK HFS, Silver Spire
Warlord Porkchop Amtgard, CK
Warlord Senor Sponge Amtgard, CK Amtgard, CK
Warlord Sir Aiolos Amtgard, CK Amtgard, CK
Spooky Amtgard, GV
Sir Chango Amtgard, CK Amtgard, CK
Vlar Amtgard, CK
Barodo Amtgard, CK
Josh Amtgard, CK
Selve Amtgard, CK
Warlord Sir Guy Amtgard, IM Amtgard, IM, GP, MS
Quanah Amtgard, CK
Warlord Sir Lilly Sunshine Amtgard, CK, P Amtgard, CK
Sir Zam Amtgard, EH Amtgard, CK
Warlord Sir Hercule Amtgard, CK Amtgard, CK
Abba Zabba Amtgard, CK
Sir Torq Amtgard, CK Amtgard, CK
Warlord Sir Deimos Amtgard, WM Amtgard, WM, DS
Tesla Amtgard, CK
Warlord Rafael Amtgard, NL
Sir Sigma Amtgard, CK Amtgard, CK
Warlord Sir Snow Amtgard, CK Amtgard, CK
Dame Hopper Amtgard, CK Amtgard, CK
Warlord Tieberius Amtgard, P
Talen Amtgard, EH
Sir Queball Amtgard, P Amtgard, WL, P

Current Acolytes

Sir Odvarr Amtgard, P Amtgard, P
Warlord Sir Shephard Amtgard, P Amtgard, P
Jameson Amtgard, CK
Azarath Amtgard, WM
Zerker Amtgard, CK


  • The Chosen have developed some of the most talented fighters in all of Amtgard, and have multiple members in Amtgard's top ten lists
  • Randalf Falconbridge left the company in 2003. He rejoined the company in 2019.
  • Randalf Falconbridge transitioned in 2023 and goes by Estelyn Blackfyre.
  • Rikudon left the company in 2014 and was later banned in 2018.
  • The Chosen are now nationwide, all potential new members should speak with our recruitment officer Sir Arthon.
  • Arch enemies to the Dead Weights as of Aftershock 2017.

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